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Today’s topic might be one of the essential concern of most online marketers, bloggers, and online businesses.

Guest blogging or guest posting can be a great way to boost your traffic, higher your website’s rank, and creating authority over your business or domain.

By considering that this method is extremely time-consuming but I can say it is remarkably worth the time you spend as the outcome will make you super satisfied.

guest blogging

In this article “guest blogging benefits” I will mention 10 benefits that you have never thought of!

So let’s get started:

What is guest blogging?

First of all, I am going to explain about the term guest posting or guest blogging for those of you who have no idea about it.

It is basically the act of publishing your articles in other people’s or company’s blogs.

Let’s imagine you write an article about health and fitness and you want to publish it on a famous website that is related to health and fitness like Dream Health Magazine. In order to this, you have to see whether they have a guest blogging service or not.

As simple as that.

Now let’s move onto the benefits you can achieve by doing guest posting!

1. building Networks and making Friends

This point is one of the very basic advantages you can gain by doing guest blogging.

One of the vital needs of every blogger is to have valuable content. You, as a guest, can provide them with a high-quality content and trust me, they will “love you” for that. As a result, you can build a good relationship with them and have a long-term cooperation with them.

It is good to know that a large proportion of internet contains bloggers and having a good friendship with them can help your business go “viral”.

2. Creating Brand Awareness and popularity

By publishing your post in other popular blogs, you will be able to reach the host blog’s audience and introduce your business, brand, products, and services to them.

I will make it more clear when you publish your article on a popular blog, there will be social share at the top or the bottom of the page for visitors to share the content on their social media accounts and also their followers of friends can share that content to their social media accounts.

when you publish your article on a popular blog, there will be social share at the top or the bottom of the page for visitors to share the content on their social media accounts and also their followers of friends can share that content to their social media’s interesting! right?

it’s interesting! right?

It works like a multi-level system.
Now, imagine how many people can you reach by publishing a simple post on a popular blog!

That is how you can build awareness and popularity for your business or brand.

3. Creating strong and high-quality backlinks

I can say that this point is surely the most important benefit of guest blogging.

As I am sure, many of you are aware of the importance of backlinks in the online marketing.
You can easily include links to your website in the article that you want to publish on the host blog.

By doing that you will gain strong and high-quality backlinks to your business which will help your rank significantly.
having strong backlinks itself can provide you with a variety of benefits as well as:

Boosting your traffic
Bringing up your website rank
Increase your DA (Domain Authority)
Boosting your Alexa rank
Helping your SEO
and much more.

Again, these benefits are absolutely worth the time you spend on guest posting.

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Earning commission with affiliate marketing

This point is a unique benefit of guest blogging.

There are several new affiliate marketers who want to earn a good commission out of their articles but they do not have a good traffic or rank. Building rank and traffic takes a lot of time and hard work. (at least one year)

In this case, you can simply include your affiliate links into your article and publish them on popular and ranked blogs.

By doing that you can easily use the host blog’s traffic and audience and refer them to your affiliate recruiter and earn a good commission.

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I believe that I have mentioned the most important benefits that you can possibly achieve by doing guest posting

**Some important points you have to know before starting the guest blogging.

Google algorithms consider three factors in off page optimization when deciding if your content have a possibility to rank on the first page of the search result:

1.your content should be relevant to the rest of the content on the website

2.Your content should have enough social shares and the higher the number of shares, the better. (this is a proof of relevancy as well)

3.The number of backlinks

For these reasons, it is important to choose a host blog that is relevant to your niche and market.
because of the fact that the backlinks you get from an irrelevant blog can bring you almost no benefits but loss.

Also if your content is related to the niche of the host blog, you will face a much higher number of social shares from the blog’s audience.

Again the same example:

Let’s imagine you write an article about health and fitness and you published it on a famous blog like “Dream Health Magazine” which is related to health and fitness.

In this case, it is more likely to have a higher number of social shares and relevancy rank. The main reason is that your content is extremely relevant to the niche of the host blog.

***How to find a suitable host blog for guest blogging?

Now that you know everything about guest posting or guest blogging, it is the time to learn how to find the most appropriate blog to publish your article on.

We have made your life a lot easier by finding you two great blogs that are accepting guest posts in two important niches: “Health and Fitness” & “Business”

Dream Health magazine

If your article is related to health, fitness, beauty, and wellbeing. Read their post requirements before filling their forms > Cooperation > Guest Blogging

Learn More
Dreamber Official blog

If your articles are related to business, online marketing, affiliate marketing, and network marketing.

Get started here

If your niche is different to what I mentioned above, here is a simple formula that you can use easily to find great and suitable guest posting blogs.

you just need to search the following combinations on google

Your keyword/niche + “guest post”
Your keyword/niche + “guest post opportunities”
Your keyword/niche + “submit blog post”
Your keyword/niche + “submit an article”
Your keyword/niche + “submit your content”
Your keyword/niche + “become a guest blogger”
Your keyword/niche + “guest blogging”
Your keyword/niche + “guest posts wanted”
Your keyword/niche + “writers wanted”
Your keyword/niche + “articles wanted”
Your keyword/niche + “accepting guest posts”
Your keyword/niche + “become an author”
Your keyword/niche + “submit article”

Congratulations, you have finished the complete guide to guest blogging.

Many thanks for reading this article. Please share your idea with us by posting a comment.

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