Effective Online Marketing

Effective Online Marketing | The Complete Guide

by Shayan Naghizadeh

1. Introduction

Effective online marketing is a great way of making success in today’s world! Here is why!!

Nowadays, our world is increasingly moving from the real world to the online and virtual worlds, to the point where it is considered to be the most basic of our needs and habits. Therefore, the role of online marketing will be taken more seriously in an early future.

Everything started with the introduction of the first iPhone!

After that, we saw hundreds and dozens of smartphone models!

Effective online marketing

Then Facebook came and attached us to the virtual world!

Google bring everything we need accessible and available for us!

And Finally, Internet service providers and mobile lines made our access to high-speed Internet much easier than before!

According to Marc Zuckerberg’s character in the movie; The Social Network

“We lived in the cave, and then we moved to the villages, built cities and migrated there, and now we are going to live on the Internet!”

Internet marketing or online marketing is a marketing approach that uses online tools and media.

Yes, simple as that!

So, If you think about it, you might ask yourself how you can take advantage of this event?
Here is all you need to know regarding the ways to build money and success from your home with a PC (personal Computer) and a connection to the internet!

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important approaches in an effective online marketing.

Do you know how to turn your emails into customer-friendly emails in the internet marketing process?

Once a marketing email can be a good internet marketing tool for any business, a combination of attractiveness, low or no cost and in-depth penetration. This internet marketing model can be broken if not properly used.

Email marketing can be a great online marketing tool for any business when it combines with attractiveness and in-depth penetration. this approach can become a failure if not properly done!

Your current and potential customers will read your email for various reasons. Unread emails mean waste emails, and waste emails mean missed opportunities!

Here, in Effective Online Marketing guide, I’m going to provide you with a few quick tips to make sure you will reach your marketing results through them!


2.1. Send emails including specific points!

Stay silent when you have nothing to say. Never email your customers unless you have a clear and solid purpose. It can be informative, fun, commentary, news, or latest changes to your business. Customers have limited time and limited patience for emails that waste time and they will Send unnecessary and incoherent emails directly to the spam list.

You don’t want to be there! do you?!


2.2. Use powerful and influential topics

The subject of the email should be short, accurate and at the same time attractive. The subject of your email is your first and last chance to attract customer attention and success in Internet marketing.


2.3.  Write briefly and useful

Your customer has limited time and patience for promotional emails. Write your emails in a way that the customer understands the notion of the word within 5 seconds. If you can not establish this connection, rewrite the email.


2.4. Personalize your emails

Let your customers feel they are special. Email directly to the person. For example, bring a customer’s name in the message or something special, such as a special sale offer. Post the message seriously, indicating that he/she is important for your business. This can be a great way to gain customer satisfaction, increase your sales and progress in online marketing.

You might think, that will be extremely time-consuming but I have to say no, it is not! with email service providers you can easily send out millions of personalized email just by one click!


2.5. Finish your email with a question!

Communicate with your customers instead of having a one-way conversation! In this sense, instead of sending normal e-mails, try to encourage your customer to respond to your emails with questions you want to know about their feedback. This will allow your customers to have a two-way communication with your company. This relationship brings confidence and this trust leads to growth in online marketing.


2.6. Use simple language

No one enjoyed dry and official content. When you email, use the ordinary sentences instead of the official and administrative tone. Your customer needs to feel comfortable and this happens by simply emailing them with a common language (when you email, use the same language as you speak).

Online Business Performance and profitability:

With Email Marketing
without Email Marketing

Now that you know about Email Marketing, its time to move on to other type of effective online marketing methods.

3. Visual Advertising

in this method banner ads, posters and promotional pictures are used on the famous websites that have an enormous number of visitors.

I’m not a fan of this method because it is time-consuming and it is expensive.


4. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a way of attracting audiences by providing them with free information and scientific articles related to your own brand and products. that is to say, you have to write a variety of articles to link your customers back to your products from everywhere such as search engine, social media channels, blogs, and forums.

Of corse, it is not an easy thing to do! you need a skils to reach this and this skill is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that I’m going to talk about it in the next point.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I personally believe that this method is the most important part of an effective online marketing!

So, please pay attention to this part and also read our complete SEO guide by clicking here!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) contains different essential techniques that help you show up on the first page of the search result in different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

effective online marketing

With SEO, you can increase your site rank in Google through the phrases and words of your business. For example, if you are sports shoe business you need to be on the first page of Google or other search engines to maximize your sales and make your brand well-known. this is so possible if you know SEO very well or you employ SEO specialists to do that for you.

I don’t suggest you recruit SEO specialists for your business; but, I encourage you to do that yourself because it is you who know completely about your business, your products, and your goals.

One of the great approaches of an strong SEO is Guest Blogging! Read more about it!

so please do not hesitate to learn it.

You can also read our complete guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by clicking on this button!

The difference between this method and the next method (SEM) that I am going to explain is that the SEO increases the site’s rank naturally but in the next approach, Google will do it very quickly for you! 

6. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In this way, you will choose a number of KEY WORDS and phrases and search engine will place you in a queue at higher positions and reducing money from your account for each click. In This way, you can determine the time and place of your ads on search results.

Keep in mind there SEM is highly competitive and to be appear on ads result you need to have a strong marketing campaign!

Here is a quick example of Ads on the first page of google!

effective online marketing

Best platforms that Dreamber suggest you to use for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are Google Adwords and Bing Ads

7. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing may be one of the most commonly used methods in an effective online marketing. Because of the presence of smartphones and their brilliant role in the daily routine of people and the inevitable connection with the social networking platforms made social media a valuable advertising agency.

Another great thing about social media is that the most of the social pelatforms are high ranked websites and getting backlinks from those websites have great value and can easily boost your rank among competitors.

From my own experience, as soon as you start your business pages on different social media platforms, you will start recieving messages from social media marketers or FAKE social media marketers that are trying to sell their service to you!!

I strongly suggest you to do the social media work of your business pages on your own and ignore all of these Fake social media marketers.

You can read our Full Guide to Master Social Media Marketing to learn some important basics that can easily boost your returns and save you some times.

8. Affiliate marketing

If you have no specific services or products to promote on your website, Affiliate Marketing is the best way to generate enormous amount of income easily!

In Affiliate Marketing, you as (marketer/partner) send your visitors to the seller’s site or product manufacturer channel and if the visitor purchase the product or service of the seller websites you will earn comission. many people make more than $10,000 only from affiliate marketing!

Affiliate Marketing

Here is a simple example of Amazon Affiliate Program and the earning of one of the affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Marketing

Impressive! Right?

Affiliate Marketiong is one of the most effective ways of making money and I suggest you to at least give it a try! i can even name it Smart Online Marketing!

Affiliate marketing can easily be done through guest blogging!

There are lots of Companies providing affiliate program such as Amazon and Alibaba

We also provide you with a great article that help you Master Affiliate Marketing and start working with companies like Amazon and Alibaba and start making money! We also provide you the tutorial to set up your affiliate accounts and payment methods in Amazon and Click Bank!

So, Start Reading this great Article about Affiliate Marketing now!

That is it!

Thanks for reading our guide to effective online marketing and we hope you enjoy and gained some knowledge about online marketing.

Now that you have finished this article we would like to ask you to leave us a comment and also subscribe to our newsletter for new and valuable content to be sent to your email address.

Have a Great Time!

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