Top 3 Home Builders In The Toronto Region

Best Custom Home Builders In Toronto

When you finally make the choice to build your own home, the first thing you need to figure out is who you’re going to trust to complete the project for you! A quality builder is the foundation of any good construction project. Good communication, reliability, subcontractors, and other aspects are incredibly important to consider, and all of those features will be provided by a good home builder. So, which ones are the best in the Toronto region? There is a seemingly infinite number of options to choose from, but in this article, we will highlight the top 3, provide descriptions, pros, and cons, so you can come to an informed conclusion about what you want out of your home builder! All of our information is based on websites such as and, as well as online reviews of the respective companies.

#1: Beverly Build

And now we arrive at our number one spot! There’s only one name we can think of that is worthy of filling this position: Beverly Build. A simple Google search will show you exactly why we chose Beverly Build to be our number one best home builder in the Toronto region. They have stellar reviews from many different people across a variety of sources and have great ratings on construction rating websites. On, they have a whopping score of 90%! Beverly Build has worked on a wide variety of projects, including a steakhouse, townhouses, luxury homes, renovations, and many more. We couldn’t even think of any cons for this home builder.

There are no negative reviews whatsoever, their social media presence is fantastic, and they’re incredibly responsive with their customer service. If you’ve got a construction project that requires perfection, Beverly Build is the choice for you!

  • Very High Score of 90% on
  • Wide Range of Projects
  • The abundance of Great Reviews
Minimal cons:
  • No Negative Feedback in Reviews or on Comparison Websites


#2: Valleymede Homes

The second place on our list goes to Valleymede Homes, which is a company in the Toronto region that specializes in extremely opulent mansions. Valleymede Homes is run by Paul Miklas, who is an incredibly talented and successful individual in the construction world. He has created many of the homes in the Bridle Path neighborhood with his team and has built homes up to 50,000 square feet in the past. Paul has been on mainstream media platforms; however, the online presence of Valleymede Homes is a bit limited. Their site was down and there are only a few reviews, so it can be difficult to gauge the quality and variety of their work, but it is clear that they are quite skilled in their respective field. If you’re in the market for a townhouse, condo, mansion, or high-quality home you will pay top dollar for, Valleymede Homes may be for you! However, if your project is a little smaller, it may be easier to choose a different home builder.

  • Notable Projects in the Bridle Path Neighborhood
  • Run by a Very Successful Individual
  • Limited Project Range
  • Limited Reviews

Overall, we are very pleased with the work that Valleymede Homes does! They make beautiful houses with an incredible diversity of features, but their scope can be limited at times


#3: Icon Builders

The number 3 spot on our list goes to Icon Builders Inc., a home builder located in the Toronto area. One of the key advantages that Icon Builders Inc. presents is the sheer versatility of their projects. They have worked on a variety of luxury homes, renovations, expansions, and landscaping jobs. This company has a notably high score of 3.8/5.0 on TrustedPros, and there are a good number of positive, in-depth reviews. However, there are a few issues that should be noted. One review mentioned a disappointing customer service experience, and this home builder has not been ranked on, despite the number of jobs they have worked on. However, if those cons don’t pose an issue for you, Icon Builders Inc. is a high-quality choice!

  • Good TrustScore of 3.8 on TrustedPros
  • Very Diverse Range of Projects
  • Several Good Reviews
  • Customer Service Can Be Lacking (according to reviews)
  • No Star Score on

Overall, this company seems professional, enthusiastic, and extremely talented. Their wide range of projects is a testament to their ability to build luxury homes efficiently.

Every home builder we looked at today was great in its own way. Whether you need a large, fancy custom home, or a more simplistic, traditional one, we are confident that any of the builders on this list could accomplish your project quite well. However, it is important to compare the pros and cons of each individual business to see which one is right for you. If you want an incredible diversity of projects, Icon Builders is a great source to look at. If you know exactly what kind of mansion you want, try Valleymede Homes. However, if you want the perfect balance of diversity, experience, and luxury, Beverly Build is one of the greatest choices in the Toronto area.

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Written by Evelyn Parker

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