Is Mining Cryptocurrency still Profitable?

After receiving too many questions about whether mining cryptocurrency especially Alt coins would still be profitable in the future, I decide to post an answer to this question based on my deep research on this topic, Mining Cryptocurrency profitability!

You might ask yourself how mining can still be profitable when the price of graphics cards and difficulties skyrocketed?

Well, the answer is yes! It is still profitable and it will be even more profitable in the future.

Remember! Before everyone used to mine Ethereum and ZCash but nowadays there are a bunch of different coins (Cryptocurrencies) added to different pools for miners.

Just keep in mind, if the demand for cryptocurrency rises, more and more businesses start to develop better cryptocurrencies with higher mining rewards.

To prove my words I can mention the super high number of ICOs (Initial Coin Offering), and crypto projects.

It means the difficulty will be reduced significantly.

And that is because many people start mining newly added minable cryptocurrencies.

March 2018! More GPUs on the way!

There are more GPUs on the way. Companies, in order to meet the demand, start the mass production of GPU (Graphic Cards) and they will release them in March 2018!

So, you should stop being worried about the low mining profit right now because crypto is the future and without miners, it won’t reach there!

I hope you enjoy this article and I would be happy if you share your opinion in the comment section below.


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